What's the Liquid on Top of Yogurt?

Don't Ditch the Yogurt Liquid!

At work the other day, I was in the kitchen getting a snack and saw a co-worker get her yogurt out of the fridge. She proceeded to peel the foil lid off and carefully dump the clear liquid that you sometimes find on the top of yogurt into the sink. Being the health nut I am, I just about yelled across the room, "Don't dump that out!" That liquid is known as whey (yes, like Little Miss Muffet's curds and whey). She made a face and said, "It grosses me out," but then I explained that although it consists mainly of water, whey also contains potassium and calcium. Stirring in the whey not only adds nutrition to your yogurt, but it'll offer a creamier consistency.

Tell me, do you usually pour your yogurt liquid out?