Pictures of David Barton Gym

Come See Why the David Barton Gym Is Different

Pictures of David Barton Gym

While New Yorkers may consider the David Barton Gym old hat, these uber-hip fitness centers are still unknown to many. But with a nationwide expansion underway — besides New York, there are gyms in Chicago, Miami, Seattle, and one slated for Los Angeles, the David Barton Gym is set to become as well known as Equinox. One thing is certain, I can't think of anything in the fitness world that is quite like it.

Step into a David Barton Gym and be prepared for visual overload. You'll be surrounded by vibrant colors, disco lights, and rooms that seem more at home in Architectural Digest than Women's Health.

What do you think — all hype or all health? Take a look at the pics and cast your vote at the end.