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How to Eat Clean

Weight-Loss Tip: Keep Your Daily Diet Clean

While keeping calories in check is necessary, healthy weight loss is built on more than numbers. In order to lose weight and keep it off, lifestyle changes are necessary for continued success. One of the easiest ways to get started is to replace processed grub with clean foods. Not only are natural options more nutritious, their flavors are more satisfying. The occasional indulgence is absolutely necessary, but cleaning up your daily diet is one of the best moves you can make to ensure consistent weight loss.

Go for whole grains: Refined grains are one of those sneaky products that always find a way into my grocery cart. It's integral to look for real whole-grain products. Advertisers simply saying that a loaf of bread is multigrain or organic doesn't make it a clean food. Real whole grains will aid in healthy digestion while cutting back on belly bloat. Make sure to read the label carefully to guarantee you are getting a whole-grain product.

Reach for fresh produce: If you're not sure how to snack, always pick up some produce; fresh fruit and veggies will fill you up in a healthy way, and the fiber will keep you fuller, longer. Just like we've got to retrain our taste buds to stop with the salt and sugar, you'll find that your body will beg for produce once you start eating it consistently. These are the cravings we welcome with open arms.

Lose the extra sugar and salt: If your taste buds have been overloaded by sugar and salt in the past, it's high time to clean things up. Learning to relish the natural flavors of what you're eating will help you skip the extra salt or sugar to top off a meal.

Love your labels: The nutritional info on labels is one of our best defenses against weight gain. A low-calorie number is always great to see, but knowing to look for crazy amounts of sodium, trans or saturated fat, or ingredients you simply can't pronounce will help you make the shift toward healthier choices — and understand why you're doing so.

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