Health Benefits of Exercise

Why You Should Be Exercising (It's Not Just About Weight)

With Summer and its warm-weather fashion parade in full force, it can be easy to stress out about working out in order to feel confident in the season's newest bikinis. But there are many more reasons to exercise that have nothing to do with your waistline. A regular workout routine is essential for feeling your best as well. Here are a few more reminders of how good for you that daily workout routine really is.

  • Increase your energy. No, that five-mile run isn't going to wear you out. On the contrary, research has shown that the more you exercise, the more energy you have. So if you find yourself feeling sluggish in the heat or can't keep your eyes open when the afternoon hits, try adding a few exercises to your routine.

More reasons to exercise that have nothing to do with your weight after the break.

  • Help prevent disease and illness. Exercise is a cornerstone of any healthy lifestyle, and it can help prevent a wide variety of diseases and illnesses. From cardio for heart health to burning that diabetes-causing internal fat, exercising regularly can keep you on the healthy track.
  • Boost your mood. Stressed, annoyed, angry? Go exercise. The endorphins released when you exercise can help put you in a better mood, which can lead to all sorts of happier living moments, from socializing to a better love life (Intrigued? Here are a few specific exercises that'll help your sex life).
  • Sleep better. Even though exercising can rev you up, it's the perfect remedy for too many restless or sleepless nights. Exercising can help you sleep better so you get a deep sleep and wake up refreshed in the morning.
  • Improve thinking. Problem solving, crafting the perfect email, or nailing a presentation can be easier if you've exercised beforehand. The endorphins that pep you up also help clear your mind, so you can think better and smarter.

Why do you exercise?

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