Calories Burned From Roller Skating

Righteous Retro Workout: Roller Skating

Be Badass About It For Extra Calorie Burn

At its best, exercise should be effective and fun, because if you don't enjoy it, you aren't likely to keep it up. While we mock some old-school fitness techniques and trends, there are lessons and moves to be learned from popular exercise trends of the past. (Think Buns of Steel, The Firm, and Jane Fonda).

In celebration of these totally righteous retro workouts, we're spotlighting some classic and cool exercises that should never go out of style. First up is roller skating, which is a killer way to burn calories while listening to some hot tunes and shaking your grove thing. Need a reason to lace up your skates? Come and take a ride with me . . .

Source: Flickr User charlietakesphotos


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