iTreadmill Tracks Just About Everything

Walking or running on a treadmill is great if you want to track your distance easily, and also have a safe, clean place to run whenever you please. The problem is, it can get boring staying in one place all the time. So you can turn your neighborhood sidewalk or woodsy trail into your own personal treadmill with this iPod Touch and iPhone application called iTreadmill. It's a glorified pedometer that not only counts your steps, but can also record your distance in miles or kilometers, and the calories you've burned. I especially loved the pace setting feature. Say your goal is to run at a specific speed, say 5 mph, this app will continuously click at a certain beat so you know how fast to step in order to meet that goal. It's really easy to slow down or speed up the pace by "spinning" the wheel on the right side of the screen. Another cool feature is auto-pause. When I stopped to tie my shoe, the timer paused until I start moving again. Check out the video demo below to see how it works.

There's a free version you can download, but it will only keep track for about a quarter of a mile. I say splurge for the complete application, since it only costs $2.99. It's really motivated me to work out since it's so fun and easy to use.

Do you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch? Tell me your favorite fitness app in the comments section below.