You Asked: 5 Ideas For Quick, Healthy Breakfasts

You Asked: 5 Ideas For Quick, Healthy Breakfasts

Dear FitSugar,

In my effort to be healthier and lose a bit of weight, I have decided to add breakfast to my daily meal plan rather than skipping it out of laziness and lack of time. Should I focus on protein or fiber in the morning? Can you give me some ideas for quick and easy balanced breakfasts?

— New Early Morn' Eater

I applaud your efforts to eat breakfast! I really do believe it is the most important meal of the day. It stokes your metabolism, provides sustained energy throughout your morning, and can help you from over snacking in the afternoon. Ideally, your first meal of the day should have both fiber and protein since both help keep you feeling full. Here are five breakfast ideas, to help you cover your nutritional needs.



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