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Yoga for Your Face...Seriously

I showed you all that Naked Yoga does really exist, and now I bring you a new trend - Yoga for the Face. It goes by many names: Revita-Yoga (NYC), Happy Face yoga facial toning (Atlanta), and the Yoga Face Lift (Northern CA).

Muscle tension in the face contributes to lines and wrinkles while sagging jowls are caused by weak muscles. Face toning regimens have appeared for years in ladies magazines, and now that yoga is really taking off this is the latest trend to ride its coat tails.

Here are some of the exercises:

  • Crow's Feet: Open the eyes wide, as if startled or scared to decrease unwanted lines around the eyes.
  • Wide Nose: Alternate nostril breathing to create a more narrow and symmetrical nose.
  • Plumper Lips: Tap lips 5 times with your index finger.

While I agree we all hold unnoticed tension in our faces and relaxing the face can help decrease tension that causes headaches and neck pain, I am not sure that this is the panacea for an aging face. Let's face it (sorry for the pun) aging happens. Making a more flexible face seems like a better alternative to paralyzing it with Botox and way less of an invasion than plastic surgery. Yet, I don't think yoga for the face will be keeping anyone looking younger. I do think it will definitely make folks feel younger since making all those faces will certainly make you feel goofy and childlike. So go ahead, stick out your tongue then pucker your lips. Chances are you will end up smiling like my 2 year old after she blows a raspberry.

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