World Naked Bike Ride

I love riding my bike because the fast speeds and breeze on my skin make me feel so free and alive. Think of how free you'd feel if you weren't wearing any clothes.

World Naked Bike Rides happen all over the world, and no, it's not a way for nudists to get daily exercise. They are peaceful demonstrations whose main purpose is to bring awareness about the dangers and vulnerability faced by bikers on the road. It reminds automobile drivers that they need to share the street and pay more attention to their fellow two-wheelers. The Naked Bike Ride is also a protest against cars and the negative impact our dependency on oil-based fuels has on our planet. Riding naked brings attention to the act of bike riding and urges people to use environmentally friendly transportation instead.

If you're interested in finding a naked bike ride demonstration near you, check out this list of rides.

To see some photos and a video of naked bike rides read more.

This video was taken during a Naked Bike Ride in Boulder, CO.

Just to warn you, some of the pictures below are NSWF! Before checking out the photos taken from places such as Spain and London, tell me if this sounds like something you would do.

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