Sculpt Session: Abs, Thighs, and Butt

May 9 2014 - 10:35am

In our Bikini Body Countdown [1], it's time to get specific and target a couple of body parts that rarely see the sun: the abs and glutes. This workout only takes about 20 minutes, from warmup to cooldown, so it should be a breeze to fit into your day. In the first circuit we recommend using 10-pound weights, but these moves will still be effective with lighter weights or no weights at all. Here's a printable version of the workout [2] so you can do it just about anywhere.

Directions: After warming up with light cardio for three minutes, repeat each three-exercise circuit twice. Stretch for three minutes to cool down.

Source: Thinkstock [3]

Circuit One: Side Lunge to Curtsy Squat

Combining these two moves will work your butt from multiple angles to help lift and sculpt your backside.

Circuit One: Woodchop

We love a full-body ab exercise for functional fitness, and this move works the entire middle of your body, firming the muffin-top area.

Circuit One: Single-Leg Touch

This exercise fires up your booty through a large range of motion while working your entire lower body too.

Circuit Two: Sumo Squat Series

Also known as a wide squat, this position targets the lower glutes as well as the inner thighs — and that's why we love it so.

Circuit Two: Elbow Plank With Alternating Arm Reach

Elbow planks work the entire front of the body, but adding the arm reach forces your abs to kick into high gear to stabilize your torso.

Circuit Two: Crunchy Frog

This exercise strengthens and tones the entire abdominal wall, and with a fun name, what's not to love?

Circuit Three: Half Banana

Why do a whole banana when a half is just as good? This variation effectively works the abs but is still gentle on the lower back.

Circuit Three: Donkey Kick Pulses Series

Isolate the glutes and form a couple of angles in this quick butt-sculpting series on all fours.

Circuit Three: Pilates Swimming

Strengthening your back makes for a strong core and stunning posture. This move also targets the upper fibers of the glute max to give your butt a little extra shape.

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