Work Out Like Kate Hudson and Anna Faris

An Ab-Sculpting Pilates Workout With Nicole Stuart

Work Out Like Kate Hudson and Anna Faris

Celebrity trainer and Pilates instructor Nicole Stuart spends her days keeping celeb clients like Kate Hudson and Anna Faris in shape, and for the last week, she's been doing the same for us. We hope you've tried out all of the exercises Nicole demonstrated because they're part of this larger Pilates workout.

From Nicole:

"Winter is upon us and what can we do besides hibernate and cuddle in front of the TV with hot chocolate and our favorite comfort food? Move our bodies! It's hard with life getting in our way, but it's important we take at least 15-30 minutes each day to exercise. If you need a short workout, I recommend these six Pilates exercises that will only take 10-15 minutes. And if you have even more time, throw in some cardio — you will see a change and feel good!"