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What a Fit Girl Does Before a Big Event: Hike!

Today, the stars may be looking for a way to unwind prior to a big event like, you've guessed it, The Oscars!

Hiking is simply walking on a path -- it could be a an easy winding trail or a steep treacherous one, either way it's hiking. Hiking can be a great way to escape your regular gym routine as well as a great way of clearing your mind before a major event. I'm guessing that may be what Drew Barrymore is getting ready to do here.

Like Drew, make sure you're prepared, because nothing could kill a red carpet event like getting lost in the woods without water. For hiking tips and more pics of Drew getting ready for a hike, read more

  • Wear comfortable shoes and socks.
  • Be careful when hiking up and down hills. For more stability, use a hiking stick or hiking poles.
  • Take your time, hiking is not a race.
  • Bring your own water and a snack or two in a light backpack (a health bar would be perfect).
  • Dress in layers, the higher you hike, the colder it gets.
  • Follow the trail. It is amazing how similar the woods can look after a few minutes of hiking.






Fit's Tip: One thing that Drew is doing that I don't recommend doing while hiking (or EVER): Smoking. Not a good idea for so many reasons (forest fires, cancer, etc), so just don't do it.



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