Weekend Reading: The Key Muscles of Hatha Yoga

I came across this amazing yoga book that got me really excited. It isn't filled with photos of beautifully buff and lean bodies that typify the genre. No, the illustrations are literally the muscles.

It's called The Key Muscles of Hatha Yoga, and you can order it online for $55. It seems kind of pricey, but once you see the illustrations, you'll find it's like no other yoga book.

You view the yoga poses objectively, so you won't compare yourself negatively comparing your body to the ones in the book.

The pictures show all the major bones and muscles of the body in yoga poses, which helps you visualize proper alignment and which muscles you're working. You'll learn about joints, tendons, ligaments, breath, and the chakras.

It makes yoga a little bit more literal, more scientific, more about the human body and less about your ego and your pride. It's a little reminder that deep down, we are all human.

This book reminds me of the Body Worlds Art Exhibit.





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