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Ways to Cut Calories

How Many Calories Did You Save Today?

Slimming down is all about simple math — you have to eat fewer calories than you burn. As we head into bikini season, remember all the calories you save throughout your day begin to add up. Skip the bacon at brunch or the afternoon cupcake and you'll begin to see some changes in your physique — especially in you're doing toning exercises. Let's see how many calories you'd save by making the choices below.

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You passed up the two packets of sugar and one container of cream, and instead had your coffee black. You saved:
42 calories
62 calories
102 calories
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By skipping the three slices of bacon and one tablespoon of ketchup on your egg and cheese sandwich, you saved:
46 calories
153 calories
223 calories
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For lunch, you skipped the two tablespoons of Goddess dressing on your salad and used juice from half a lemon instead. You saved:
88 calories
114 calories
196 calories
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Instead of a co-worker's birthday cupcake for an afternoon snack, you had a 6-oz. container of nonfat vanilla Greek yogurt with 1/4 cup fresh blueberries. You ended up saving:
144 calories
244 calories
344 calories
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When out to dinner, you asked the waitress to bring you a plain small baked potato instead of a side of fries. How many calories did you save?
136 calories
216 calories
326 calories
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After dinner, you went out for ice cream. You skipped the cone and rainbow sprinkles and saved how many calories?
42 calories
83 calories
149 calories
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