12 Types of Runners — Which One Are You?

Nov 28 2014 - 1:01pm

It's one of the most popular forms of exercise for a reason, but we all rock the sport in different ways. Tell us, what type of runner are you?

The Running-Is-My-Therapy

Source: New Line Cinema [1]

Goes in pissed, comes out blissed.

The Sweating-Buckets

Source: Paramount Pictures [2]

It feels like I got caught in a thunderstorm! But wait — I'm inside!

The Loving-Life

Source: Disney [3]

Hooray for running! Running is the best! I feel like I could run another 12 miles and still be smiling. Yay!

The Singer

Source: Screen Gems [4]

Might as well turn your music down since I'll sing you my entire playlist.

The Hating-Life

Source: Cartoon Network [5]

Ugh, every step hurts. It hurts to breathe. Can I be done already?

The Loner

Source: NBC [6]

I run, I run alone.

The Parkour-Runner

Source: New Line Cinema [7]

Watch me leap over this bench, spin around this stroller, and jet between this crowd. Just. For. Fun.

The On-a-Mission

Source: Giphy [8]

Like a cheetah chasing prey, I run like it's my job.

The Runs-Like-Nobody's-Watching

Source: DreamWorks SKG [9]

I'm doing my thing, not a care in the world, not worrying what anyone thinks.

The All-About-My-Gear

Source: Fox Searchlight Pictures [10]

All decked out in the latest running gear, I definitely look the part even when I'm not running.

The Morning-Person

Source: Fox [11]

I'm psyched to get in five miles before most people are even awake.

The Something's-Chasing-Me

Source: Giphy [12]

I'm running fast just to get this over with (or maybe I've got a postrun glass of wine waiting for me!).

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