Stairway Hike Through Hollywood

A Stairway Hike Through the Hollywood Hills

Stairway Hike Through Hollywood

All over California, from San Francisco to the hills of LA, you can find hidden staircases in hilly neighborhoods. Climbing stairs is an easy way to add some cardio to your walk, and it can even prolong your life!

While visiting a friend in Los Angeles last weekend, we made a point to go on a long, winding, and scenic walk through the Hollywood hills, hitting as many staircases as possible. They're located in Beachwood Canyon, just south of the famous Hollywood sign.

I promised my Beachwood Canyon-dwelling friend that I wouldn't disclose the stairways' exact locations, but they aren't too tough to find with a quick Google search. And if you're a California resident or visitor, be sure to check out stairways in an area you're visiting (there's even an iPhone app for San Francisco's hidden stairways!

Check out the details of my hike!