Spring Produce Quiz

Can You Identify This Spring Produce?

Thanks to Spring, I am seriously in love with my farmers market and CSA box. There are so many fruits and veggies to choose from, and the variety is astounding! I am always amazed at all the new items I see and often find myself not knowing what something is. How about you — are you a pro when it comes to identifying fresh Spring produce? Take my quiz and find out.

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Can you guess the name of this often-confused fruit?
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Do you know the name of this veggie that adds a savory component to dishes?
White garlic
Baby leeks
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Can you guess the name of this "poisonous" produce item?
Fava beans
Sugar snap peas
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Can you guess the name of these strange-looking greens?
Cactus apples
Fiddlehead ferns
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What's the name of this stalky veggie?
Savoy celery
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