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Speak Up: Are Celebs Fit to Sell Clothes?

Kate Moss has been causing quite the stir at Topshop recently with the launch of her new clothing line. While Kate might have a flair for fashion, how are her clothes going to look on non-model, "normal" sized women? Kate is pretty darn thin and most women just aren't that thin, and even at their healthiest and fittest, will never be. High fashion, fine -- But is it OK for her, or any other super thin celeb, to be selling to the masses?

Apparently I was not the only one with these concerns as has put celeb clothing lines to the test. Can a size 14 woman look good in Kate's line at Topshop? What about putting a sized 14 woman in Madonna's line at H&M? To see the pics and decide for yourself, read more




Is wanting to look like Madonna in her dress a motivational factor that will drive you to the gym? Or is feeling that we want to look like Kate Moss in hot shorts bad for our self esteem? I'm curious what you all think, so tell me below. Go on - speak up.



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