Shoe Review: Nike Lunar Glide

After wearing my new Nike Lunar Glides ($100) around the house to break them in, I took them on all sorts of runs while visiting the East Coast.

These shoes are light — one sneaker is just barely over half a pound (8.75 ounces according to my kitchen scale) — so they are great for traveling as well as running. Nike considers them stability shoes, meaning they help prevent overpronation, rolling too far to the inside of the foot. As one prone to overpronate, I was curious to try these sneakers out, since they rely on "dynamic support" technology rather than a lot of extra bulk to buttress the arch. Learn what I thought of these shoes when you read more.

Not only do I think these running shoes are cute — a hard thing to accomplish in white sneakers — I think they are super comfy to boot. They provide a lot of cushion in the forefoot, so the ball of my foot felt quite cushioned when running. I paid a lot of attention to my stride in these shoes, so much so it's lucky I didn't run into a stop sign. I couldn't feel myself overpronating and I couldn't feel the shoes really correcting my gait. But my knees, feet, and ankles felt great post-run, so I think the Lunar Glide's dynamic support kept my alignment spot on. The toe box is a bit roomier than other Nikes I have worn.

The extra arch support, which you can adjust by tying your shoes tighter, is helpful as is the "bunion" cutout. I ran with these shoes in the rain, on flats, and on a couple of hill workouts, and I loved them. I do think the insole should be a bit beefier, though. If you need motion-control shoes, the Lunar Glide will probably not provide enough support, but for neutral runners whose form wanes as the miles add up, this shoe will work for you. They are also Nike+ compatible and run a bit small, so if you're in between sizes, I would go up a half size.

Have any of you tried the Nike Lunar Glide? If so, tell me what you think.