Shoe Review: Bern High Boot by Keen

The more active you are throughout your workday, the better. When folks wear comfy shoes to work, they walk more; let's face it, speed-walking for 30 minutes at lunch in stilettos is not a good time. That's why I'm on the hunt for stylish, yet comfortable shoes that promote getting up and moving around. With its low heel made of resilient rubber, I'm liking the Bern High Boot by Keen ($150). To see how these boots feel on the feet and if Fab approves of them, read more.

Since the familiar Mark Twain quote "The coldest Winter I ever spent was a Summer in San Francisco" is completely accurate, I had more than a few days this Summer to test out these boots. Not only are they comfortable and cozy, but Fab approved of them with only one criticism. She liked the buckles, a trend for Fall, and the whip stitching details. But she didn't like the extra rubber bump at the toe, which is unfortunately Keen's trademark. Made of leather and lined with faux shearling, these boots accommodate muscular calves, which can make finding tall boots difficult. The dark rubber sole cushions the feet nicely without leaving black marks everywhere. I walked all about when I wore the boots with no aches, pains, or blisters. If the shoes featured at Fashion Week look like they would traumatize your tootsies, check out these boots. You can buy them directly from Keen. They are available in black, light brown, and a dark red. Check out the details on the boots below.