Review of 2XL Earbuds

Gear Review: 2XL Colorful Earbuds

Running with an iPod is as essential to me as a sports bra, but the earbuds that come with it won't stay in my ears unless I'm sitting still. If you have that issue too, then check out 2XL headphones. They have a few different models depending on your ear needs, but the best part is that they're really cheap — $10 to $15 a pair. They come in tons of color combinations so you can get a few pairs to match your fitness outfits and not break the bank.

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The earbuds on the right are called Groove ($15), and they're my fave for running since they wrap around the back of your ear and stay put even when doing sprinting intervals. I like that the speaker part just sits outside of the opening to your ear canal, because then I can hear my music, but can also hear what's going on around me — you know, in case a bear sneaks up behind me on the trail.

I also like the Spoke ($15) in-ear buds shown in the middle. Not only because they're metallic pink, but because they fit snugly inside my ears, and are perfect for strength training when I need to hear nothing but Christina Aguilera while doing squats thrusts. These buds come with three sets of changeable gels so you can get a comfortable fit no matter what size ears you have.

The earbuds on the left are called Ratio ($10), and they're just like the earbuds that come with your iPod. So if you prefer this model but are bored with the plain white ones you have, these come in seven different colors to suit your personality.

Check out all the color patterns below.