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Renée Zellweger on Her Running Addiction

I don't know if you were able to catch Renée Zellweger on The Late Show last week, but Dave's first comment was about how fit she looks and his follow up question was how does she do it? The answer was running, of course!

Renee runs three miles on the treadmill almost everyday and to keep herself entertained while logging the miles she watches TV, mostly CNN. However, she does admit that she has a tendency to over do it and is running even though her physician "forbid" her to. Renée has fluid on her hip joint from inflammation, but somehow, with the help of copious amounts of Advil, she manages to walk in her beautifully high Louboutin pumps as well as run. She can't give up running, claiming it's her therapy. But she might be needing some physical therapy soon because unfortunately, Renée is no stranger to injury; she suffered from plantar fasciitis, a painful foot injury, for two years.

To see how she feels about spinning, just read more.
Renée does not like Spinning, the "woo" factor of group classes turns her off. We know that she seems a bit worried about turning 40, but FitSugar reader laellavita works out at the same gym as Renée and says that the movie star works hard and "seriously sprints on the treadmill." Along with her daily dose of cardio, she works with weights too.

While I understand needing to run, I hope she monitors her hip inflammation because over use injuries can seriously interfere with therapy running.



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