Pictures of The Jersey Shore Cast Working Out in Miami: Tube Top, Red Bull, Cigarettes

Speak Up: What's the Strangest Outfit You've Seen at the Gym?

It's been a bit of a media circus since the Jersey Shore came to Miami, and photos confirm that they haven't changed a bit. When it comes to the sweet life, three things top the list: gym, tan, and laundry, aka GTL. Since being down in Florida, the cast has managed to hit the gym almost every day. And while I find them entertaining, I'll admit that I am just a little taken aback by their gym antics — especially the outfits. I guess they keep their style constant even when working out.

OK, so maybe "The Situation" needed to keep his sunglasses on to beat the Miami glare, but how the heck is J-Woww managing to jump rope in a tube top? Meanwhile, Snookie has been seen on the treadmill with her hair perfectly coiffed under a trucker cap or bandana, still managing to text away at the same time. Throw in the Red Bulls and cigarettes, and it's one of the more unusual gym scenes I've seen. But it still doesn't come close to the woman I saw working out in high heels a few years ago!

Tell me . . . what's the strangest outfit you've seen at the gym?