Pictures of Celebrities Like Shakira, Alicia Keys, and John Legend Tweeting From the World Cup

Shakira and Alicia Keys Get Hit With World Cup Fever

If you still haven't been struck by World Cup fever, just check out how excited Shakira and Alicia Keys are to be at the opening game between South Africa and Mexico. Shakira's been live tweeting from the games, and so has from the Black Eyed Peas, and John Legend too. I love seeing their pics!

Between the World Cup and NBA Finals, many of us will be spending a good amount of time inside this weekend. And since it's super easy to overindulge while watching TV, keep a batch of healthy snacks on hand like kale chips and polenta pizza instead of the usual game-watching fare. Also, see if there is anywhere near your home hosting a public viewing of the games and make a point to walk or bike there. Besides, nothing beats watching a game with a big group of people!