Photos of Lingerie Football League Tryouts

Lingerie Football League: Cool or Not?

If you thought NFL cheerleaders were putting the "skin" in pigskin, you haven't seen anything yet. For years, viewers could pay to watch the Lingerie Bowl, a Super Bowl halftime special featuring all-female teams playing football in their bras, underwear, helmets, shoulder-pads, and knee-pads. Thanks to the sports-marketer Mitchell Mortaza, the idea will be taken to new heights when the Lingerie Football League (LFL) launches on Sept. 4.

The 10-team semi-professional league will feature a 20-week season in venues that accommodate thousands of ticket-holders. According to Mortaza, the teams are selected based on beauty, weight, and athletic ability. He said, "You have to be beautiful. We make no bones about it," and mentioned an unofficial weight limit of 120-125 pounds. But the league's founder also encourages the women to play hard, advising, "If you prance, you're gonna get killed."

One league-hopeful says the premise isn't sexist and remarked, "They say it's degrading, but it's not. We don't just stand there looking pretty. We hit pretty hard." Check out the photos of these ladies trying out for the league, and then tell me, what do you make of this all-women football league that happens to require a lingerie uniform — is it cool or not?