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Photos of Celebrity Vegetarians

Guess the Celeb Vegetarian

Going meat-free is not only good for your heart and waistline, but it also helps the environment by not contributing to factory-farm pollution. Many celebs — such as Natalie Portman and Alicia Silverstoneavoid animal products, but can you guess which other celebs keep meat off their plates?

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Which young actress doesn't eat meat?
Ginnifer Goodwin
Drew Barrymore
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Which 30 Rock star doesn't eat meat?
Tina Fey
Alec Baldwin
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Carrie Underwood and Emmylou Harris don't eat meat. Can you guess which other pop country music artist ditched meat for health and animal rights reasons?
Taylor Swift
Kellie Pickler
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Which R&B singer is a vegetarian?
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Both of these people starred in the '80s movie Splash, but can you guess which one avoids meat?
Tom Hanks
Daryl Hannah
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Kristen Bell doesn't eat meat. Which other Heroes star is also a vegetarian?
Hayden Panettiere
Ali Larter
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Which of these two actresses sticks to a mostly vegetarian diet and avoids dairy as well?
Marla Maples
Goldie Hawn
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Which star from Spiderman avoids meat?
Kirsten Dunst
Tobey Maguire
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Which former Beverly Hills, 90210 actress doesn't eat meat now?
Jennie Garth
Tori Spelling
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Which star from Walk the Line, the movie about Johnny Cash, is a vegetarian and an advocate for animal rights?
Joaquin Phoenix
Reese Witherspoon
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