Partner Yoga Pose: Supported Shoulderstand Child's Pose

Partner Yoga Pose: Supported Shoulderstand Child's Pose

I love partner yoga poses that allow you to use your partner's body to help you relax and Supported Shoulderstand Child's Pose is one of those poses. It's similar to Double Child, but I like this one better because partners alternate between doing an energetic inversion and a lower-back stretch.

Want to know how to do this pose? Then read more.

  • Partner 1 begins in Child's pose with his arms extended out in front of him.
  • Partner #2 sits down gently on his lower back, with one leg on either side of his body.
  • Then Partner #2 leans back, placing her hands on the ground underneath her shoulders, and she extends her legs so they're over Partner #1's shoulders (just like in the picture to the right).
  • Partner #1 can assist Partner #2, by placing his hands on her feet to help anchor her as she lowers her shoulders and the back of her head down to the ground. She wants to keep lifting her ribs up to open her chest and lengthen through her spine.
  • From here, she can bend her knees and place the soles of her feet on Partner #1's back. Then to take this pose even deeper, she can lift her legs straight up so her feet are over her hips.
  • They can stay like this for five or more breaths, and when they've both had enough, they can release and switch roles.