Operation Beautiful: The Mission to End the Fat Talk

Why do we do it? We walk right up to a mirror, look ourselves up and down, and get upset because we don't look pretty, thin, tall, or toned enough. All the negative thoughts about our body image are truly detrimental to our well-being, and one woman has made it her goal to end the toxic fat talk once and for all with the movement Operation Beautiful. The mission is simply to post positive messages where other women can find them. Caitlin, the founder, started by scribbling down phrases such as, "You are beautiful!" or "You are amazing just the way you are!" and posted the notes in public bathrooms, at the gym, and at the grocery store. The hope is to uplift other women through this random act of kindness and the idea is catching on. Notes have been posted around the world.

You can continue the positivity by hanging up your own sticky notes at work, on dressing room mirrors, on magazine covers, or wherever you think women will see them. Supporters of this movement have sent photos of the notes they've posted to the Operation Beautiful website, so check them out when you read more.

Next Summer, 125 of the best notes will be featured in a book by the founder, and will also include tips on how to lead a more positive, healthy lifestyle.