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Olympic Gossip Guess Who?

Intrigued by your fave Olympian's life off the podium? Take this quiz and see if you're up to date on who's dating who, who's designing panties, and more!

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Which American alpine skier hopes to debut a lingerie line soon?
Julia Mancuso
Lindsey Vonn
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Which Summer Olympian is rumored to be dating gold medalist figure skater Evan Lysacek?
Nastia Liukin
Shawn Johnson
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Which snowboarding medalist left the Olympic village after racy photos of him appeared online shortly after his podium ceremony?
Scotty Lago
Shaun White
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Which Olympic souvenir is selling like hot cakes and has sports fans waiting for hours to buy some wearable memorabilia?
Black Olympic toque
Red Olympic mittens
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