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Nutritional Comparison of Cereal

Choose the Cereal Super Star!

Cereal is a great choice for breakfast since it's fast, easy, inexpensive, and when coupled with milk or yogurt, it's a great source of protein and fiber. I always feel full for hours after eating a hearty bowl, but not all cereals are created equal nutrition-wise. Take this quiz to see which are the best ones to choose.

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Which Go Lean cereal contains more protein per serving?
Go Lean Original
Go Lean Crisp! Toasted Berry Crumble
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Which of these two oat cereals contains more fiber per serving?
Barbara's Shredded Oats
Nature's Path Oaty Bites
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Which brand of raisin bran contains less sodium per serving?
Cascadian Farm Raisin Bran
Nature's Path Flax Plus Raisin Bran
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Which Bear Naked Granola contains less fat and more fiber per serving?
Fruit and Nut
Apple Cinnamon
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Which sweet cereal is lower in both calories and sugar?
Kashi Honey Sunshine
Barbara's Honey Nut O's
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Which Peace cereal is lower in calories and fat?
Wild Berry Crisp
Mango Peach Passion
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