Nike Air Max Trainer One

Gear Review: Nike Air Max Trainer One

I love my Nike Air Max Trainer One ($85) women's shoes. Performance-wise, I don't have any complaints about my old gym shoes, I just hate that they are all white. Since stylish gear motivates me to work out, I was more than happy to try out these shoes when Nike sent them over. I was immediately attracted to the pink/gray color combo, and the rounded shape with the Velcro strap give it a cool '80s feel. Before I even put them on, I was hoping they performed as well as they looked.

The Air Max Trainer Ones do not disappoint. I use them at the gym for cardio and strength training, and at home when working out to a DVD. In every situation they excel. Originally designed as a cross-training shoe for tennis great John McEnroe in the '80s, it's been re-engineered specifically for women. The idea behind it is the same: one shoe that can be used for weight training, light running, cardio, and both indoor or outdoor workouts. And with today's top trainers pushing the merits of interval, circuit, and cross training, a shoe like this makes total sense. I feel incredibly supported whenever I wear them, and tightening the Velcro strap is an easy way to get even more security and stability. I like that they aren't heavy on my feet and are low profile, which encourages different types of motion and activity. Also, my feet feel engaged, which means I am getting the benefit of strengthening my muscles even more. It doesn't hurt that Serena Williams trains in Air Max Trainer Ones, too.

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