Multiple Reasons to Strength Train

Along with helping boost my metabolism and keeping my backside firm, I strength train for one very practical reason: strength. Here are a few moments from the last week where I utilized my strong muscles, and the moves that got them there:

  • Moving an upright piano: squats for dead lifting the instrument with three wonderful volunteers.
  • Using the loppers to prune unruly trees: pec fly
  • Pulling out stubborn weeds: all the variations of rowing, especially the classic bent-over version.
  • Opening the top window of my freshly painted double hung and sticky windows: standing lat pulls.
  • Carrying my two very full bags of groceries for two blocks: biceps curls and arm raises.
  • Giving a piggyback ride to my tired 4-year-old for a few too many city blocks: planks and core work — staying stable while hauling her 36 pounds around kept me out of pain.

Have you found practical uses for your strength training? Share them in the comments section below.