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The Magic of the Magic Circle: Pilates Prop Explained

When you hear the words magic circle do you think fairies and goddesses? Well I am here to expand your horizons — the magic circle is also a great Pilates prop.

This versatile prop is also known as an: exercise circle, magic ring, or fitness circle. And as all those names accurately describe, it is a circle about 12 inches in diameter made of flexible metal or rubber with pads on either sides of the circle. You can squeeze it and it will bounce back into a circle. That's the magic.

The magic circle provides some moderate resistance for strength training as well as feedback as to where the body is in space. I like to use the magic circle to strengthen the inner thighs. Place the ring between your knees or ankles in a variety of exercises and positions and squeeze.

It is versatile and can be used to work just about anything and since it is so small you can store it just about anywhere. It is great for a home gym.

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Buy an Ultra Fit Magic Circle from Ellie Herman Studios online store for $35. It comes with a 15 minute instructional DVD too.


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