Madonna's Tour Is Sticky and Sweaty

Madonna's Tour Is Sticky and Sweaty

Madonna, no stranger to sweating, has brought her high-fitness level to the stage of her tour Sticky and Sweet.

I have not seen the show myself, but it's pretty clear from the pictures that all her hard work at her gym is paying off. Madonna has a bit of pole dancing, jump roping, deep squats, and more during the show, all while she's singing, too — talk about the ultimate talk test. And you can bet this 50-year-old rock star is not letting a little world tour get in the way of staying healthy, People reports that:

"The harder Madonna works the happier she is," says Rosenberg, a longtime friend. "Because she was a dancer, that's why. It's practice, practice, practice."

On her opening night in Cardiff, Wales, "She had a massage and a facial – things are very quiet," says the rep.

Before each show, she spends an hour in hair and makeup then performs some vocal exercises. Next, she warms up with some form of exercise, "probably some free weights."

I've always been impressed with her dedication to fitness, but when she is on tour I am reminded of how fit she really is — not many women half her age could keep up with her on and off stage. Cheers Madonna, and happy touring.