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Madonna is One B*tchin' Biker Babe

Madonna is One B*tchin' Biker Babe

Madonna, I'm sure, has at least one driver and quite a few cars. So why is it, do you think, that Madge has been spotted riding her bike to and from her London gym? It's probably because she's caught on to something that many of us cannot quite grasp yet. The fine art of multi tasking in fitness.

You have to get to the gym somehow, right? Why not bike? Biking to (and from) the gym is one fabulous way to multi task while burning lots of calories. Here's why: A 130 pound woman can burn around 130 calories for 20 minutes of biking moderately. So if you bike to and from the gym, you may be able to add 260 additional burned calories to the amount you already racked up while at the gym for an hour. This could bring your grand total of calories burned way up for the day. Not to mention that it's better for the environment to ride your bike a few miles rather than taking your car.

What's more? You'll already be warmed up by the time you get to the gym. So if you have a bike and a gym that is close enough you can bike to it every now and again, I highly suggest you try it out.








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