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MBT shoes = A Toned Backside, No Lie

My backside feels almost dead after sitting on it all day. My favorite way to resuscitate it is walking in my MBTs.

MBT stands for Masai Barefoot Technology. A Swiss company put a lot of research into creating a shoe that imitates what the foot does when it is not wearing a shoe. Twist your mind around that one. I must say their research paid off and they get paid handsomely for each pair of shoes - they retail at $245.

If you can swallow the price the shoes are wonderful. They activate the back of the leg with every step and force the body into alignment. Plus they decrease the stress on your knee joint. As I move up years, further from 20 and closer to 40, my knees appreciate it.

You might have seen them in the Bliss catalog claiming to be the anti-cellulite shoe. But the Swiss makers of the shoes make no claim to this, but the shoes have been proven to increase muscular activity in the legs and glutes.

So the shoes might not be all that pretty to look at, but they turn any walk into a workout, especially if you are headed up an incline.

To learn how the shoes work and to see more styles just read more

The shoes have a sensor, or a roll bar, toward the heel of the shoe that make the shoes unstable. By stepping on the bar, rather than hard on your heel (like most us of do), you activate under used muscles that should work like when you are walking barefoot. When wearing the shoes you take smaller strides, stepping onto a slightly bent knee, then pushing off with a straight leg activating your hamstrings and glutes. I do so love that I work my booty with every step.

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Peruse the Walkers Warehouse for all your MBT needs.


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