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They Lost the Baby Weight Already!

I am always amazed at new celebrity moms and how fast they slim down. Apparently I am not alone since InTouch recently named the top ten starlets who quickly lost their baby weight and how they did it.

  • Brooke Burke: Brooke is back in her bikini
    Staying fit during her pregnancy made losing the weight a breeze for Brooke Burke. “I did cardio and Pilates faithfully throughout my pregnancy and I started up again as soon as my doctor gave me the go-ahead,” says the 35-year-old, who gave birth to daughter Heaven on January 8. Now working out four times a week, she has already dropped the extra 30 pounds and is wearing her bikini once again. “It felt great,” she tells In Touch. “But I was taking my daughter to the ocean regardless of what I looked like!”

There are more including Amanda Peet and Keri Russell so, read more

  • Amanda Pete: Amanda said goodbye to sweats
    Amanda Peet wore comfy clothes when she was pregnant. “I was wearing sweatpants all the time!” admits the first-time mom, who had daughter Frances Pen on February 20. But while her baby bump served as material for jokesters on the set of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip — “They called me ‘Fatty,’ ” she says — Amanda, 35, is thrilled to no longer have to wear elastic waistbands. How’d she do it? “Walking,” Amanda says. “I live in a hilly area in LA. I had shin splints after a week!”
  • Diane Farr: Diane started eating healthier
    Despite munching on grilled cheese sandwiches daily during her pregnancy, Numb3rs star Diane Farr lost the 52 pounds she gained only two months after giving birth to son Beckett on March 16. “I was in really good shape before my pregnancy and that really helped,” she tells In Touch. No kidding: The 37-year-old was hiking eight miles a day just before giving birth. Now she makes sure to eat better, too: She drinks shakes made with apples, carrots, beets and ginger and always carries ZonePerfect bars in her diaper bag. “I eat them as snacks,” Diane says.
  • Dayna Devon: Dayna walked off the weight
    Hitting the pavement helped Dayna Devon keep in shape during her second pregnancy. “I walked all over!” she tells In Touch. The 37-year-old Extra host even went to the gym the day before giving birth to her son, Cole, on January 5 (daughter Emmi turns 2 in September). Three weeks after her C-section, Dayna was back to short walks to help drop the 24 pounds she had gained, and now she works out four times a week. “And when the kids get crabby, I’ll put them in the double stroller and go run,” she adds.
  • Keri Russell: Keri didn’t gain much to begin with
    Keri Russell says her first pregnancy was as easy as can be — she didn’t suffer from any morning sickness and didn’t put on too much weight. “I’m one of the lucky ones,” said Keri before giving birth to her son, River, on June 9. “I’m not too huge.” To keep her naturally petite figure intact, the 31-year-old exercised and ate a well-rounded diet. But Keri admits that her genes played a big part in her barely there bump and post-baby weight loss. “I’m kind of a tiny girl anyway,” she says.






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