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They Lost The Baby Weight Already!

I am always amazed at new celebrity moms and how fast they slim down. Apparently I am not alone since InTouch recently named the top ten starlets who quickly lost their baby weight and how they did it.


  • Marcia Cross: Marcia stays away from junk food
    After reaching 197 pounds during her pregnancy, Marcia Cross is delighted by how quickly she lost the baby weight since having her twin daughters, Eden and Savannah, on February 20. “It’s happening a lot faster than I expected!” says the 45-year-old. Marcia melts off the pounds by working out at home with exercise DVDs and taking treadmill and weight classes at LA’s Burn 60 gym. She also follows a healthy diet. “I’m not eating cookies and candy and all of that,” says Marcia. “Just protein and vegetables.”

There are more, including Julia Roberts and Heidi Klum so, read more

  • Tori Spelling: Tori’s dieting for the first time
    Sleepless nights and diaper duty aren’t the only ways that her son, Liam, has changed Tori Spelling’s life. The 34-year-old had never been on a diet before her pregnancy, so losing 40 pounds of baby weight was a new challenge. “I was huge!” says Tori, who gave birth on March 13. She’s now on the NutriSystem diet to return to her 115-pound figure — and husband Dean McDermott is helping. “He’s doing the diet with me,” Tori says.
  • Julia Roberts: Julia runs errands on foot
    While pregnant with her son Henry, Julia Roberts worked out until the very end. “She did yoga in her ninth month of pregnancy,” a pal reveals. “She also watched everything she ate and didn’t gain too much weight.” Since giving birth on June 18, Julia — who also has 2-year-old twins Phinnaeus and Hazel — has continued to eat healthy (she loves whole-grain pancakes with no butter or syrup) and stay fit. “Julia walks everywhere — to the market, dry cleaners and day care,” says the insider. “She burns a lot of calories running after her twins.”
  • Heidi Klum: Heidi’s kids keep her fit
    Heidi Klum credits being a mom to two other children with helping her get back into supermodel shape following the birth of her son Johan on November 22. “It’s true that running around after three kids is a lot of activity in itself!” she tells In Touch. “I’ve bounced back to my pre-pregnancy weight naturally without having to do anything drastic.” But a healthy diet helps, too: Heidi, 34, fills up on fruit, vegetables, chicken and fish and snacks on hard-boiled egg whites when she’s hungry.
  • Melanie Brown: Mel’s trainer got her in shape
    When Melanie Brown was pregnant, the Spice Girl didn’t have much energy to burn. “I didn’t feel like working out,” she admits. “I just ate and slept.” But after indulging in her mom’s home cooking toward the end of her pregnancy, the 32-year-old says she was ready to get back into fighting shape after her daughter, Angel Iris, was born on April 3. That’s when her personal trainer, Joey Kormier, stepped in and helped Mel drop 28 pounds. “He’s been killing me,” she jokes. In addition to a strict exercise regime, Joey has her on a healthy eating plan, too. “He makes me eat salmon — I hate it, but I lost 10 pounds in a little more than a week.”






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