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LifeFitness 95 Series: iPod Integration

When I learned that there was a new treadmill from LifeFitness that integrated your iPod I thought to myself, "It's about damn time!" Move over geeksugar, your girl Fit is getting excited about technology.

The brand new 95e treadmill has an integrated iPod connector that allows exercisers to view iPod music/video lists and make selections directly on the touch 15" LCD screen. You can also watch iPod-delivered video content on the screen (requires video-capable iPod) or you can watch TV right there on the screen. Did I mention it is FM-radio ready?

Still not impressed? Well, not only does this mean that you no longer have to fumble around with your iPod while jogging, but you can also power and charge your iPod. This is thrilling -- I can not tell you how many times I have jumped on the treadmill only to find out that my iPod is completely and utterly dead. Such a motivation killer. Right now it seems that this little gem is only available for commercial purchase so I may be slipping a brochure under the manager's door at my gym today (I know she loves it when I do stuff like that). Find more details on




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