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At Least Your Dog Can Be Fit

I recently went to the Humane Society to donate some old blankets and I saw one very overweight pooch that was rescued from an elderly woman's home. She just kept feeding the doggy a ton of food, but wasn't able to take him out for long walks.

Tons of food + No exercise = Fat dog, not a positive equation.

I just came across something to "cure" this problem. It's called the Happy Runner introduced by EasyStep. It's a neat little contraption that fits over your existing treadmill (you know, the one you bought last New Year's), so your dog can go for a walk or jog. This is NOT a joke - this is real.

It's great for preventing obesity, so pet dogs can get exercise even if their owners don't, can't or won't take them out. Also, how many times does Rover want to go for a walk, but it's raining, or too cold to go? Now you have no excuse to give woman's best friend the exercise he or she needs.

The Happy Runner fits over most treadmills because the width is adjustable (there are screws on the top), and the 4 red straps support your dog, and keep him or her centered and secure. I must stress how important it is that the dog be watched, in case little Max or Muffy trips or gets too tired, you can stop the treadmill immediately.

When your doggy is done with its daily jog, the Happy Runner folds for easy storage. I'm actually surprised that something like this wasn't invented sooner. The next thing you know, they'll make longer treadmills so you can walk with your dog. Now there's a brilliant idea!

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