Kim Kardashian Says "Don't Change Yourself For Anybody but Yourself"

Twitter, Plastic Surgery, and Kim Kardashian

This might be the oddest Twitter exchange of late. Someone tweeted, "I'm getting head 2 toe plastic surgery nxt week 2 look like @kimkardashian so my husband won't leave me. He worships her." Ms. Kardashian tweeted back,

"Pls don't. Ur husband should love u 4 who u are! Don't try 2 b someone else. Im sure u are beautiful inside and out! Just as u are." She added, "Don't change yourself for anybody but happy with who u are! Someone will appreciate and adore u just as you are."

Kim Kardashian clarified her position on cosmetic enhancements with US magazine, saying she's "totally not against plastic surgery" — she's experimented with Botox — but going under the knife is a weighty matter. Do you think Kim's words kept her fan from plastic surgery?

Source: WireImage

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