Kayaking for Fitness and Fun

Kirsten Dunst has recently been spotted in Maui relaxing and getting toned with some fun kayaking.

If you're lucky enough to be vacationing some place warm enough to spend some time on the water like Kirsten, then you should definitely consider kayaking. Don't be intimidated by kayaking I know there is the roll over factor, but in reality kayaking can be a very relaxing and toning experience. To learn why and to see more pics of Kirsten kayaking in Maui, read more

Paddling, which is what you do when you're kayaking, is great for your cardiovascular system, but it's also good strength training. A 130-pound woman burns approximately 295 calories an hour kayaking at a moderate pace, since you are really using your upper body and a bit of your lower body (a lot of muscles at once) to make the paddling movements. Essentially, you'll be working your core as well because paddling requires that you hold your paddle, lift it, swing it, stick it in the water, sit erect, twist, bend, apply leverage to the paddle and push with the legs...all on an unstable environment. If you're going to go a mile, that's about 500 strokes. More than that? Nothing is better for the mind than being on the open water, powering yourself through.





If you're on vacation, ask your hotel's concierge where you can rent kayaks. If you're at home, check out kayaking.com to learn more about kayaking and find out where and how you can get started. I recommend starting on calm water, like a lake or bay, before trying to handle rivers and oceans.



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