KAMA Movement Is a Sexy Workout

Spice Up Your Sex Life With KAMA Movement

KAMA Movement Is a Sexy Workout

Forget the pole and stiletto heels, because your body is the only tool required for the sensual KAMA Movement workout. For ladies only, KAMA is a sexy and erotic workout that targets the lower pelvic region in order to increase libido, open the hips, and help women gain more self-confidence. Developed by Miss Canada runner-up Halyna Skrypnyk and physician Dr. Melissa Hershberg, KAMA Movement is all about releasing your inhibitions while toning and strengthening the troublesome fat zone for most women that includes the hips, buttocks, thighs, and lower abdomen.

The exercises are as sultry as the name implies. KAMA is Sanskrit for pleasure, sexual fulfillment, sensual gratification, and pleasure of the senses. Centered on basic dance steps that emphasize hip thrusts, circles, and tilts, KAMA allows women to discover and/or reawaken their feminine strength and mystique. At KAMA classes, you'll be greeted in a romantic candle-lit room, dance to a mixture of hip-hop and sensual Eastern music, and gratify yourself with a dark chocolate kiss after class.

So get ready to release all your inhibitions. We're demystifying these hip opening exercises with Michelle Opperman, certified KAMA instructor at Crunch Fitness in San Francisco, who shares with us the basics of KAMA Movement.