Jackie Warner's Protein Shake Recipe

Jackie Warner's Go-To Protein Shake Recipe

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When celebrity trainer Jackie Warner recently dropped by the FITNESS offices — she’d dashed in between doing a TV segment and hitting some other morning meetings — she was fresh off the success of her latest book, 10 Pounds in 10 Days, and already on to the next big project. Fans who watched her Bravo TV reality series Thintervention With Jackie Warner will recall scenes where the fitness pro showed up in contestants’ kitchens and taught them to whip up healthy, don’t-blow-your-diet shakes. Turns out, Warner sensed a secret ingredient was missing. “I’d read a lot about protein powders and consumed them myself but I couldn't find anything with all the all-natural, organic components I thought they needed,” she says. “I wanted whey protein powder with more than protein isolate. So I spent two years developing some myself.”

The resulting product can be found in her just-launched Wellness Collection, which also includes a multivitamin, a combo Omega-3,-6 and –9 supplement, flavored H20 boosters and 150-calorie snack bars. “Plus it tastes great,” adds Warner.

Before her morning workouts, Warner whips up a healthy shake (click on the link below for the recipe) with the vanilla bean protein powder. “It has the perfect combination of carbohydrates, fat and protein to fuel your workout,” she says.

Read on to get the recipe to Warner's shake.

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