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Itchy Legs and Running

It's a beautiful September day. There's a cool breeze blowing, not a cloud in the sky, and it's inspired you to lace up your sneaks after taking a break from running all Summer. A few minutes into it, you start to experience an itchy sensation all over your legs, and it's so overwhelming that you have to stop running to scratch. What gives?

The reason our skin itches is because of what's happening inside our bodies. The millions of tiny capillaries and arteries in your muscles begin to expand rapidly as your heart rate increases, and blood is flowing quicker. If you're a fit person, your capillaries stay open to allow for maximum blood passage. If you're out of shape, your capillaries tend to collapse and don't allow as much blood to pass through. When your capillaries expand, they cause adjacent nerves to send messages to the brain, which reads the sensation as itching. I hate to say it, but this is the price some people pay for falling off the exercise wagon. To prevent itchy legs, keep up with your regular exercise routine.

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