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Be Inspired: A Weight Loss Story

I am often inspired by success stories (this is why I love the Biggest Loser so much), but every so often there are success stories from an average Joe that are equally inspiring.

At 34 years old, Matt McKenna saw his life spiraling out of control. He ate as if it were a hobby and he was unable to do the simplest physical activity. Making excuses to avoid having to go out in public, and trying to hide himself was no real way to live.

On CNN he re-lives his feelings:

"I couldn't walk to my car from my apartment or office without being out of breath, and my knees ached from even that small journey. Lying in bed, I could feel my heart pounding. I awoke several times each night struggling to breathe. Still, I was in denial. I knew I was obese, but I never considered what I was doing to myself. Loved ones offered concern and suggestions, but I saw them as just 'getting on my case'.

In late July 2005, my mother and father decided it was time to step in. My dad called me and said they were concerned about how difficult my life was. They feared they would soon face every parent's nightmare: the death of their son. They told me that they could no longer watch me destroy myself, and they wanted to help me back to a normal life. But it couldn't be a halfhearted effort on my part. It would take serious commitment from me."

Matt did take it seriously and pulled through with an amazing transformation by doing some serious diet and exercise. If you've ever felt like Matt, read his full story on CNN and be inspired to pick yourself up.

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