I Want One: Skorcher

If working out at home is more your speed than hitting the gym, then you may want to add this piece of exercise equipment to your collection. Called the Skorcher, it was designed by a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. This machine claims to deliver you "the world's best butt exercise," known as the thrust. It can also be used for dozens of other exercises that work every muscle in your body, but targets your glutes, thighs, and abs. Check out the video below to see some examples.

I know you want to find out how much one of these bad boys costs so read more.

There are actually three different models: the Skorcher ($399), Skorcher Xtreme ($799) and the Skorcher Pro ($1,199). Some fitness trainers believe a Skorcher isn't necessary because many of the same exercises can be done without this piece of equipment. Other trainers love it because the Skorcher makes many exercises more challenging, and they feel the extra challenge is worth the investment. In my opinion, anything that helps make strength training exercises easier means you'll be motivated to do them more often. Iif you love working out on machines, this could be your new favorite thing. I would like to experiment with one, how about you?

Click the images below to see what other exercises a Skorcher can be used for.