Humidifier - That's Wee NOT Wii

Humidifier - That's Wee NOT Wii

I love using a humidifier in the winter to combat dry, itchy skin. It also helps with my allergies and asthma.

But I absolutely hate cleaning it out. Have you looked inside yours lately? There is some nasty brown gunky stuff that collects in it, and there's no way to clean the container that the water goes in because the opening is so darn small.

I found a solution. The Wee Humidifier. It uses a fresh new bottle of spring water every time, so no need to worry about cleaning it out - just replace it when you're done.

Plus it's compact, so you don't need to take up a ton of space in your bedroom. And it's cheap too - less than $20, well at least if you live in Japan.

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