How Taylor Swift Lives Healthy

New Home, New Album: How Taylor Swift Keeps It All in Check

Monday was a big day for Taylor Swift: news dropped that she bought a home in Cape Cod, and later that day, she announced the release of her fourth studio album, Red, on Oct. 22. With everything she's juggling, Taylor's learned at a young age how to keep her life healthy and balanced.

  • She maintains a regular exercise routine: Let's face it, Taylor is young and has good genes on her side, but she definitely recognizes the health benefits that come from exercise. To keep her stamina up on stage, Taylor makes a point to run every day, "For me, working out is not so I can get skinny. It’s so that I’m not panting on stage."
  • She lets go of negativity: Given how confessional her songs are, it probably comes as no surprise that Taylor keeps a journal. Instead of bottling up negative emotions, the songstress lets them go through written word. Keeping a journal is a great way to increase self-awareness by helping to get rid of the clutter in your head and make positive steps toward change.
  • She eats healthy (with some room to cheat): Being on tour can take its toll on the body, so Taylor keeps her energy levels high through healthy eating. During the week, it's all about salad, yogurt, and healthy sandwiches, but once the weekend comes, she gives herself room to indulge. Baked goods, burgers, and lattes top her list of cheat foods.
  • Source: Getty