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How to Sneak More Veggies Into Your Diet

Making veggies a big part of your daily diet is a must because they're low in calories, high in fiber, and contain so many beneficial nutrients. Unfortunately, we don't crave broccoli like we do a big bowl of ice cream, so here are some suggestions from FitSugar readers on ways to sneak veggies into your foods without your taste buds knowing.

  • UrbanBohemian says, "I like to put my own veggies in marinara sauce when I eat pasta. Also, if I have a frozen pizza, I'll do the same for that. I like to put on frozen spinach or some mushrooms."
  • "Sneak them in sandwiches." — fleurdelispink
  • "I've added pureed beets and/or spinach to muffin batter or I bet you could to cake batter too — totally unnoticeable. I know someone who added pureed spinach to brownies, same deal." — Anonymous

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  • Spectra says, "Make omelets or frittatas with veggies in them."
  • "My husband and I love mac n' cheese as our guilty pleasure, but I always put fresh broccoli in it." — TinaDenali
  • "I like using vegetables instead of noodles in pasta dishes. My son eats them without complaint. Eggplant lasagna and squash spaghetti have been big hits!" — crystalvillage06
  • Yogaforlife suggests chopping up spinach and adding it to rice.
  • "I sneak veggies like pumpkin into pancakes and biscuits. I blend them up in a blender and stir in. I also like using thinly sliced zucchini or squash in place of pasta noodles in homemade lasagnas." — DivaDivine

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